(Pre-Order) The Kindred Project: Vol. II - Signed & Personalized


Already heralded as "J. Raymond's best work yet!" and described as "a collection that heals with each gentle cut". Volume Two is the highly anticipated follow up to the best-selling collaborative collection of poetry and prose, The Kindred Project. Based on the powerful, moving stories of 125 contributors from around the world.

Stories intended to lighten a heavy heart and instill hope.
Stories of loss and the beauty ever-present in grief.
Stories of scaling life's mountains and learning who we are along the way.
Stories reminding us of how far we've come, and that peace is possible.
Stories of finding love, letting it go, and discovering self.
Stories of passion, healing, connection, and the incredible journey back to peace.

The first 1,000 ORDERS will receive a FREE E-Book version of The Kindred Project: Vol. II, along with 5 printable poems, once published.
**The anticipated release date is 07.07.24

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