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A ONE-ON-ONE, in-depth dive into creating your masterpiece! The 2nd Volume of the best-selling collection of poetry and prose, The Kindred Project! Here's our chance for you and I, on a personal and intimate level, to work on your one-of-a-kind poem. Beginning first with a phone/video meeting (ZOOM/SKYPE) where the creative process starts taking place. We'll get to know one another better and lay the foundation from which to write your story upon. There's no limit or maximum number of edits or adjustments - merely you and I writing TOGETHER.
Once the piece is complete, it will be typed, signed and framed. Accompanied with a audio recording of the piece read aloud, and a personalized video message straight from me.
What makes this project so unique and exciting for me (and hopefully you!), is that each one of the poems created will be included in MY NEXT BOOK! With your permission and blessing, of course. The truth is, I wouldn't be doing what I do for living, without your connection and support. It only seems right that we publish the next one TOGETHER!

All orders include:
- One on one introduction meeting and information gathering - ($80 value)
- Typed, Signed, Framed copy of poem - ($80 value)
- Signed 1st Edition of published book including your poem ($40 value)
- Free poem and personalized letter ($50 value)

I tried my best to put together a package that far outweighed the cost. If you're interested, but can't afford to pay entire amount up front. Please don't hesitate to let me know. My priority here isn't the payment, it's the connection and work we create.

Thank you, truly.